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Why are we Community of St Aidan? Thoughts from the Missioner

A name must establish an identity that clearly indicates the heart and direction of the worship and outflowing work of that people and place.

Over the last few months in reading, prayer, walking and listening a conviction has grown that the richness of the liturgy of the Anglican church and the familiarity it holds for the many living in Papamoa is not to be spurned. However living according to Christ’s call to “love other’s as ourselves” involves so much more than attending a liturgical service.

Many others have had similar thoughts and explored different ways of expressing their call in their communities. One in particular seems pertinent for Papamoa. “Creating Community. Ancient ways for Modern churches,” (Simon Reed 2013) outlines Simon’s journey as he began applying principles from ancient Celtic spirituality, in particular the teaching of St Aidan, to modern community. Simon, priest of an Anglican Church in England, writes of the transforming effect on his faith community as they worked to embrace three key aspects from St Aidan's example:
•    commitment to a Way of Life
•    having a Soul Friend
•    living Simply.

Creating Community

St Aidan

St Aidan was known for his “gentle evangelism.” He was interested in the people he met, offered care and help where he could and shared the love and word of Christ when invited.  St Aidan built simple monasteries that were the centre of a village that grew around them. A daily pattern of public worship, open to all, was established. The “Core” group provided the nurture and resource for the villagers as and when needed. Strong worshipping communities grew around the monasteries because St Aidan set the pattern of generous, non-condemnatory welcome of any who came. 

 St Aidan's model provides the vision for  Papamoa: that the Community of St Aidan in Papamoa will grow to the point where it can share the love and word of Christ, and offer nurture, resource and support for this growing suburb and all its people.

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